Traditional Chinese Medicine Restore Balance and Harmony to the Body

Even if you have tried for years to become pregnant naturally or with the assistance of Western medical procedures such as IVF and IUI, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which includes acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help you. Traditional Chinese medicine is steeped in the task of restoring harmony and balance to the body and mind. And if you have been unsuccessful in your efforts to become pregnant, there is likely an imbalance that has been overlooked, even when all your medical tests and blood work seem to be normal.   From a Chinese medical standpoint, even subtle signs and symptoms can cause problems with a woman’s fertility. For instance too much exposure to cold food or cold weather can cause cold to enter the uterus and affect a woman’s ability to conceive. A light menstrual cycle where a woman also experiences dizziness or insomnia can indicate a blood deficiency even though her blood work does not show anemia. This could manifest as a thin endometrial lining, making it difficult for a fertilized egg to implant itself.   For conception to occur the Kidney’s yin and yang energy must be in perfect balance. In addition, the body’s qi and blood must also be regulated and harmonized.   Women who begin to integrate Traditional Chinese medicine express that they are finally beginning to take charge of their bodies. They stop fighting their infertility and become more in tune to their bodies’ natural rhythms and cycles. They feel like each acupuncture treatment or dose of herbal medicine, bring them closer to their goal. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine begin to restore balance and harmony to their bodies, increasing their natural fertility.

Importance of Restoring Harmony to the Body

The most important phase of treating women for infertility is balancing and restoring harmony to the body. This includes balancing hormones and the female menstrual cycle. In fact, the female monthly menstrual cycle is like a monthly report card. It gives me vital information on the condition of a women’s movement of qi, her quality of blood and what kind of deficiencies or blockages her body may have. All of which factor into her ability to get pregnant, and most importantly – stay pregnant.   Taking all of these aspects into consideration, I choose appropriate acupuncture points, acupuncture treatments, and Chinese herbal medicine to best bring a woman’s body back into balance in the shortest amount of time possible. This in turn, balances the woman’s hormonal system, allowing the proper amount of female hormones to be manufactured at optimal levels and at the most optimal time for fertility.   When the right acupuncture treatments and medicine are administered, a woman will naturally feel revitalized with higher energy levels, less stress, a resilient body and an innate sense of well-being. This is a most favorable state to be in for conception to occur.

How Does Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Work?

Acupuncture is highly effective at enhancing fertility for both men and women. It optimizes the free flow of qi and blood, removing blockages and increasing circulation in the entire body, including the reproductive organs. Most acupuncture points are on meridians (channels of energy) that affect a particular organ system. By needling these acupuncture points, energy blockages along these meridians are cleared and bodily organs are strengthened so that they function more effectively.   Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years. Each herb has specific functions, taste, temperature, energetic direction and are guided to specific organs. They are clearing, draining, moving, moisturizing, drying, tonifying, astringent, releasing, etc. There are herbs for every bodily imbalance. And they are truly medicinal substance to feed the body what it is lacking. Classical Chinese herbal formulas can be easily modified for an individual’s specific condition and constitution and can be adjusted as the patient’s’ condition changes. Thus, it is always supportive and nudging the body toward its natural state of homeostasis.   Some medical experts believe that acupuncture and herbs positively impact opiod production in the central nervous system. And by doing so, positively affect gonadotropin secretions including FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), to help promote normal reproductive function.   In my practice, I use acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine together to yield the best and quickest results to enhance fertility. However, in cases where patients have chosen to only use acupuncture, there have still been very positive results.