One of the Best Decisions I've Ever Made!

November 12, 2012. One of the Best Decisions2I was referred to Edie a few years ago and I can recall debating whether or not I should give acupuncture a try.  Needless to say, I was quite hesitant to receive treatments due to the fact that it requires you to be poked with needles!  I was in the midst of receiving fertility treatments then decided – why not, let’s give it a try.  As the ol’ adage goes, if the why’s big enough, you can get over any how. Upon meeting Edie for the first time, my anxious thoughts quickly disappeared.  She is highly knowledgable in her craft, warm, and easy to talk to.  I could effortlessly sense her desire to help people from the first time I met her.  I live on the outer islands and would fly in special for treatments and she was always accommodating to my schedule.  She’d even stay late so that I was able to see her. When introduced to Edie, I was facing a combination of fertility issues such as a shortened luteal phase, a thin uterus lining, and endometriosis.  She worked in tandem with the fertility specialist I was seeing to help to optimize fertility success.  In addition to the acupuncture treatments, I was placed on a regimen of drinking Chinese herbs, taking some herbal supplements, and placed on a diet to help with my endometriosis.  Over the course of my treatments, I was able to see improvements.  My luteal phase lengthened, blood flow to my uterus increased resulting in a thicker and richer uterine lining, my endometriosis was managed, the size of my follicles increased, and as a byproduct of the treatments – stress was alleviated.  Going through fertility treatments can be a very stressful experience because of the fact that you want so badly for it to “take”. After trying to conceive for two and a half years, the feeling of disappointment became harder to swallow with each “failed” IUI attempt, but it was as if Edie’s desire of getting me to the goal of parenthood grew stronger each time.  As my faith began to dwindle, it seemed like Edie’s desire to help me get pregnant intensified, and that rekindled my fading glimmer of hope of someday becoming a mother. I received treatments from Edie for over a year and it was on our 6th IUI cycle that our hopes and prayers came to pass.  Although I finally conceived, treatments didn’t stop at the sign of pregnancy.  Edie worked with me throughout my entire pregnancy making sure I got through the critical first trimester, she helped to ease pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and fatigue, and she even helped to induce my labor.  You see, my daughter was as happy as a clam in my warm and cozy womb.  She didn’t’ make her presence known until 41weeks.  Had she been born on time, we would’ve shared the same birthday :)!  On February 27th our little beauty was born!  She is nothing short of a miracle. Looking back I often wonder if we would be where we are today if I allowed the decision to see Edie pass me by.  Edie’s passion and dedication for what she does changes lives…it changed ours – forever! - Terri K., Lawai, Maui

He Was Worth Waiting For!

August 16, 2012. Pacifika Postcard Final FrontMy husband and I were trying to conceive naturally for a little over a year before we sought out help from a fertility specialist. We tried Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) unsuccessfully for a while and then decided to try In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) that also ended in an unsuccessful attempt to get pregnant. At that point in time we decided to take a break from trying to get pregnant, which by then had been about 3 years. My Doctor had recommended an acupuncturist friend of his that practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). His method was ok, but his treatments did not work for me. Then through a friend, I found Edie Uchida and my life has never been the same. My first appointment with Edie was so different from my first acupuncturist that from that point on I had a renewed hope for success. The treatments were very relaxing and Edie did her best to make me feel comfortable so I could fall asleep during the treatments. She was very thorough and asked lots of questions that I didn’t think impacted my ability to get pregnant. She answered all my questions with thoughtful and logical explanations of why it impacted the other areas of the body. Through my acupuncture treatments I learned a lot from Edie. I learned about Chinese herbs, better food and drink for the body and how to notice certain signs in my menstrual period and what it meant. After seeing Edie for a while we decided to try IVF again with her help. Edie continued her efforts to get my body ready for the procedure. It included acupuncture treatments along with Chinese herbs. On the day of the transfer I had a special treatment with Edie to relax my body and also make it more receptive to the fertilized eggs. After my embryo transfer, all my treatments were very mild and Edie used different points on the body than in my previous treatments. A few weeks later we got the best news in the world, we were pregnant! I just couldn’t believe it that I asked the nurse “Are you sure?”. During my entire pregnancy I saw Edie for acupuncture treatments. I really looked forward to my treatments to help maintain my pregnancy. The main focus of the treatments was to hold the baby in. In August of 2009, we gave birth to a healthy baby boy! I am very appreciative of all that Edie and the staff at the Island Wellness Center did for us in this long process. Without them I don’t think we would have been able to have our son. - W. S., Mililani, HI

My Delightful Surprise!

August 13, 2012. My delightful surpriseAs a post-partum mom of twins, I suffered from chostochondritis and severe wrist pain and was scheduled to undergo surgery to alleviate the pain. I wasn’t too thrilled about having the surgery, and shared this with one of the nurses at Dr. Kosasa’s, my OB’s office, who referred me to Edie. Once I started seeing Edie for the pain, I began to feel relief rather quickly. Soon enough my pain was completely gone, yet I continued to see her for over a year for maintenance and for the other benefits that acupuncture was providing me. During my time with her, many of my menstrual issues also improved. My cycle was regulated and I no longer suffered from cramps and headaches. My overall health was improving as I felt more energetic and relaxed. Once my twins were almost two years old, my husband and I started talking about expanding our family. My OB suggested that we do IUI this time around in hopes for another child (for my first pregnancy we tried IUI three times, ultimately conceiving our twins with one round of IVF). During a routine acupuncture treatment, I mentioned to Edie that we were thinking about expanding our family and would be doing IUI at some point in the fall. Edie switched my next acupuncture treatment to a more fertility-based treatment. I didn’t think anything of it until I got pregnant naturally that very month, after one fertility focused treatment. I was completely shocked as I honestly didn’t believe I could get pregnant naturally – what a wonderful surprise! I continued seeing Edie throughout my pregnancy. This pregnancy was much different from my twin pregnancy as I had zero cramping, more energy and little cravings. I would often go to a treatment feeling tired and was immediately energized afterwards. Having treatments during my pregnancy left me feeling refreshed, relaxed and more energized. It was so nice to see her from the very beginning of my pregnancy all the way until the day before I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. - M. K., Honolulu, HI

My Healthy, Bouncing Baby Boy!!!

August 17, 2012. Pacifika Postcard Final FrontI had my first child at 38, conceiving a healthy beautiful girl. I had experienced some health issues during my pregnancy, including both edema and preeclampsia. At that time, I had not pursued acupuncture, until after, when I experienced some tendonitis in my wrists from the hormones of my pregnancy, postpartum. Years previously, I had acupuncture treatment for persistent headaches. So, though it was nothing new to me, I had not known about treatment for fertility or any other pregnancy-related health matters. Once my daughter turned 3, my husband and I decided to try for a second child. I was over 40 and concerns for my health and having a healthy baby weighed on my mind. And, this time, conception was not to come so easily. Much to our disappointment, it took almost a year before we pursued medical intervention. We first went thru all the necessary tests to determine that both of us were healthy. We then pursued a fertility doctor, who confirmed that my ovaries were also healthy. When we were about to begin treatment, we had to postpone another month due to normal ovarian cysts that occur during menstruation. We were very disappointed. However, that month of waiting turned out to be our conception month! We were very excited! After trying for a year, and without any fertility medicine, we did it. Unfortunately, another disappointment, at 12 weeks, I miscarried and lost a lot of blood. This was in April 2011. It was at this time, that I considered acupuncture as a fertility treatment. My friend had been going to Edie Uchida for some time for pre-menopausal issues and was very happy with her results. I researched a little on the internet and was confident that this treatment could help me. I made my appointment with Edie in June 2011, and after assessing me, she began a treatment plan to get my body strong and prepare it for future conceptions. After the significant blood loss, my energy was very low. With treatment and Chinese herbs, I was feeling better, stronger. Also, as an unexpected side benefit, the year before, I had been going to physical therapy for hip pain and the acupuncture gave immediate relief to my hip. In August 2011, I tested positive for pregnancy! I had the normal first trimester fatigue and nausea, but the treatments and herbs helped that. Also, at her suggestion I was to rest a lot more. It was difficult to do this with my work schedule and having an energetic 4 year old, but she encouraged me that this would help my pregnancy be successful. I listened, and pretty soon I was in my 2nd trimester! Ultrasounds showed baby was healthy and expected to be normal. I could breathe easy. Worries about any miscarriages went away. I continued my treatments with Edie thru my 2nd trimester to ease an uncomfortable burning in my stomach, which I assumed to be a form of indigestion, and for overall well-being. She prescribed me safe herbs to nourish my blood. After experiencing preeclampsia with my first pregnancy, I was told that I would likely have this again. I assumed I would have the edema also. But, this pregnancy was to be different. I had no complications with the pregnancy other than mild digestive discomforts. Due to my busy work and life schedule, it was harder for me to keep my appointments with Edie and stopped before my 3rd trimester. I gave birth to a beautiful 8lb 15oz boy on April 21, 2012. I was 43 years old and never dreamed of having a baby this late in my life. I returned to Edie for postpartum treatment, just to get my body back to feeling good. Both my pregnancy and my postpartum health was a huge difference as to my first pregnancy. Thanks to Edie Uchida and her knowledge and treatments! - C. Ocampo, Kapolei

At Last

I am 35 years old and have been married for 9 years to a wonderful man. We had been trying to conceive for approximately 4 years. I was diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" and then found out my left fallopian tube was partially blocked. We used clomid 4 times and we also did 3 IUI's without any positive results. In 2011 we conceived naturally but I miscarried at 5 weeks. We were devastated and I grieved for a year before I felt like I could walk out of the "fog" of grief. We decided to go to the next level and go to another fertility doctor and try IVF. We met with the Dr. Frattarelli and were lined up to do IVF 2 months later. At this time I had heard about the benefits of acupuncture and did some research online. I found Ms. Edie Uchida and remember going to her office for the first visit and was leaning against the wall because I was so exhausted. My energy levels had been low for quite some time, even after a healthy diet change and losing weight from working out for 5 months prior to our IVF journey. I literally didn't feel in "balance" with my body even after all the positive lifestyle changes I had made to boost my fertility. So I was ready to start acupuncture and I saw Ms. Edie 2 times a week because I was going to start IVF in a few months so it benefited me to see her that often. The staff were always welcoming and addressed me by my first name which was comforting. Edie has a warm way of making me feel comfortable and at ease, which helped me through my journey. I know that the acupuncture made me feel better, my energy levels were back, and I felt more in balance with my body. In just a month I could feel the changes. Our first IVF Cycle was a success and I'm so proud to say we will be having a little girl November 2013! Thanks Edie !!! - T.S. Mililani, HI

Double the Pleasure

September 2013. 9-26-13 copy Over 2 years ago my husband and I started trying to get pregnant.  We tried all the traditional methods of timing and counting days, putting my legs up in the air and all the other tricks that people tell you to do.  After about a year and a half we realized that there must be something more we can do.  Being 45 years old I was feeling pressured to take any measure to arrive at a successful pregnancy, as I was no spring chicken. We began seeing Dr. Kosasa who is a specialist in infertility and went through the typical IUI route and still had no luck.  I think we did 2 or 3 of them. I remembered several years back an acupuncturist that i was seeing for a shoulder injury recommended Edie Uchida as an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility.  At this stage I really wanted to try everything.  I began seeing Edie 3 times a week and started drinking mysterious teas made out of roots and twigs. Finally I was ready to start preparing to do Invitro fertilization as I had exhausted all other methods. I was seeing Dr Kosasa on a regular basis so he could monitor the growth of my lining. When he measured it on the Friday before my procedure my lining was 5mm.  Dr. Kosasa wanted my lining at at least 7mm by Monday or they would cancel my cycle. This was after weeks and weeks of taking shots of different medications in order to prepare my body.  If my lining wasn’t ready I would have to quit and start the whole process over again.  I went in to see Edie and told her I had 4 days to build my lining from a 3 mm to 7mm.  I went to see her every day I could.  She did back treatments to increase my lining on Friday and Saturday. Then she doubled my raw herbs and increased my granuled fertility herbs, and low and behold on Monday my lining was perfect. I am pregnant with twins now and could not be more grateful to Edie and all that she has done for us in our challenge to become pregnant.  I am still seeing her as I have had several scares where I have started to bleed.  She will focus her treatments on stopping bleeding and building the strength of my organs.  When you are older it is important to rest and really take it easy so you can build your blood.  She has been a great reminder to really take it easy as I am not a person who likes to slow down.  Now i go in for tune-ups to build blood as that has been an issue for me all along. I highly recommend seeing Edie if you are having difficulty getting pregnant or even if you are having a healthy pregnancy and just want to make sure all your organs are healthy and strong. - Gratefully ~ Kathryn

Our Dream Come True...

September 2013. My husband and I spent two years trying for our first baby and after two failed IUIs, we took the advice of our doctor and decided to try IVF.  The process of IVF, especially the multiple doses of hormones for an extended period of time, seemed intimidating.  To better prepare my body for the process, I exercised and ate well, but also researched what others in the same situation were doing to prepare mentally and emotionally.  That’s when I came across the benefits of acupuncture for IVF patients when performed by an acupuncturist who specializes in helping patients undergoing fertility treatments.  Further research for a local specialist led me to Edie Uchida of Island Wellness Center.  I immediately called the nurse at my IVF clinic to ask her thoughts and she enthusiastically recommended Edie. When I initially called Edie’s office to book my consultation, Edie’s schedule was very busy and I wasn’t able to get an appointment until a few weeks later.  However, the receptionist called me back soon after to inform me that she had spoken with Edie about my upcoming IVF process and that Edie had her make room in her schedule to see me within a week.  To have Edie and her staff go above and beyond to try to accommodate me, a new patient, at the last minute, spoke volumes of the genuine care that they have for their patients. From my initial consultation to my current treatment, Edie is with me every step of the process and tailors my treatments to whatever is going on with me at that time.  I keep her apprised of where I am with my emotional and physical health and she uses her expertise to mitigate any issues or concerns.  Through my appointments with her, I’ve found there are many benefits to acupuncture that aren’t only fertility related.  Edie has been able to assist with managing my stress levels and overheating issues, while educating me on whole body wellness and understanding how the body works together.  I am a firm believer that the acupuncture treatments that I received prior to and during the IVF process contributed to me not having any side effects during the IVF process and a relatively easy first trimester. I am now eleven weeks pregnant and have continued to see Edie once a week for maintenance.  My husband and I are so thankful to Edie and her entire staff for their kindness and expertise during these last four months to assist us in reaching our dream of starting our family. - Alice P. - Honolulu, HI

It Takes Two…

November 2013. Pacifika Postcard Final Front Infertility has been an issue with my husband and me for three years now.  At first we tried timed intercourse, a multitude of ovulation kits and even sought the help from a doctor to help us figure out the best time to have intercourse based on the results of blood tests and lab work.  With no success; we escalated our attempts of getting pregnant with medicinal help in the form of Follistim combined with more timed intercourse. Still no results.   Both my husband and I went to the doctors to get checked out to make sure we didn't have any infertility problems.  We didn't.  All the results from all the lab work that was completed came back normal; and our fertility doctor didn't really have an explanation to give us as to why we weren't getting pregnant. We decided to take the next step and try our luck with intrauterine insemination (IUI).  After 5 unsuccessful attempts of IUI with pharmaceuticals including Follistim; our chances of getting pregnant were dismal and we even discussed adopting children.  This is when I wanted to try acupuncture.  Nothing else seemed to be working,  and I had nothing to lose.  Our next step would be In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).  So, as we were placed on a military wait list for IVF, I decided to try acupuncture. My initial visit with Edie went great.  We discussed the problems I was having with infertility and Edie drew up her plan of action.  A series of acupuncture treatments, a change in diet and Chinese medicinal herbs were all within my prescription.  A couple months went by and I had another opportunity to do another IUI cycle with Follistim. Test results from my fertility doctor revealed that I had more follicles; the follicles were larger than they have ever been and the lining in my uterus was the thickest it has ever been. Because of the increased amount of large follicles during this Follistim cycle, my doctor said they were unable to do an IUI.  But they would proceed to IVF with this cycle. My body felt ready.  Since I didn’t want to take any chances this time around; I decided to combine acupuncture and Chinese medicine with IVF.  The day of egg retrieval yielded 13 eggs!  All the eggs were fertilized and 7 made it to the next stage of IVF.  On the transfer day, two embryos got transferred.  After a long two week wait, I went in for my first blood test to confirm the pregnancy and the result was POSITIVE!  A couple of weeks later, I went in for my first scheduled ultrasound. It showed TWINS!!!  I am currently 11 weeks pregnant! I can honestly say; If it wasn't for the help I received from Edie, I don't think I would be where I am today in my pregnancy.  My husband was pretty skeptical about acupuncture at first, but when I started getting all the improved results from the fertility doctor, and now pregnant with twins, his attitude towards it changed.  He is now a firm believer in Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Everything about the Island Wellness Center is just simply wonderful.  The office is clean, the staff members Kin and Ellen are phenomenal and Edie is the best there is.  Appointments are easy to make, the building that Island Wellness Center is located in always has parking.  The waiting room is clean and comfortable (says my husband), and the treatment rooms are also clean and has a very nice view overlooking downtown Honolulu.  I also like that during my treatments Edie plays relaxing music in the room.  Even the times that I had questions regarding the raw herbs I was taking or the herbal tea I had to drink, I got prompt answers; and if the staff members didn't know when I called; they asked Edie and I ALWAYS received a follow up answer that day!  Edie is always outstanding at explaining what she’s planning on doing, the actions and reactions of my body and the Chinese herbs and acupuncture, and what and how each herb and acupuncture treatment works on different body parts and organs.  Edie even gave me her cell phone number, so in the event I ever have any questions about anything; she would be able to answer me right away.  I even received follow up text messages from Edie asking how everything was going on the days of my egg retrieval and embryo transfer.  That really is awesome of her to do that.  That just shows that she really cares about her patients, and genuinely wants to help people through acupuncture. Edie really is a wonderful person.  She gives off this vibe that makes her very approachable and allowed me to be really open about everything right away. She is a very nice, very caring professional; and every time I go to see her I get this feeling of stress relief and relaxation knowing that I am in the hands of the best that's out there. - Susie G. - Honolulu, HI

Sweet Baby Girl…

November 2013. My husband and I have been trying for about two years to get pregnant, and I've seen another acupuncturist for over two years and tried Chinese herbs many times but nothing happened. When we met our infertility doctor, we decided to try IVF. I started a search for an acupuncturist who specialized in infertility again because I knew if acupuncture worked well, it will happen. I found one web site which is Dr. Edie's. I called the office and talked to the receptionist who was also very nice that made me want to visit Dr. Edie. Also, her reviews are all good so I wasn't worried so much. First time I met Edie, she is very warm and sweet, has a lot of knowledge about a woman's body, especially how to get pregnant. She also found out what I am eating which is not good for pregnancy just by seeing my tongue. Things even I did not realize. I started treatment with her at least once a week and took Chinese herbs. She helped my body at every stage, and I never felt uncomfortable side effects from the needles or from the medicine. After I became pregnant, she gave me treatment and Chinese herbs for pregnancy, to help nausea and help keep me healthy and pregnant. My husband and I are really thankful for Dr.Edie. Her acupuncture and Chinese medicine helped us to have a sweet baby girl. I gave birth August 2013, and I still see Edie to have treatment for postpartum. I wish I could visit her more often but my daughter keeps me busy. It is really the sweetest and happiest moment in my life that I can hold my baby girl. Dr. Edie always told me that Chinese herbs are good for anti-aging for a woman's body. I believe so because she looks super young and cute!! - Chie-Honolulu, HI

Double the Excitement…

January 2014. Pacifika Postcard Final FrontMy fiancé and I had been trying unsuccessfully for a baby for about 3 years. We had both been married before, me with no kids, and Mark with 2, but we wanted to start a family together. Our first attempt was a vasectomy reversal for Mark, which after a year, we discovered had not been successful. From there our journey took us to IVF Australia as we now needed “help” in brining our eggs and sperm together. Our first attempt resulted in a miscarriage and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th attempts resulted in fewer and fewer eggs retrieved. This was a devastating and emotional time for us, me in particular as I thought my chances of becoming a mum had passed. I had been having regular acupuncture in an attempt to help make me healthier but it didn’t seem to be working. Our Doctor at the time suggested an egg donor as an option; he thought it would be the best chance of us conceiving. It was a chance we jumped at given that I was nearing 39 and we decided that we could get lucky now with a few more IVF attempts, but if we wanted more than one child we would have to roll the dice again to see if it would be successful. We contacted Conceptions Centre in Hawaii after IVF gave us their details. The people there were lovely and within a few weeks we were booked in and had a timeline to work towards and get excited about. From there Conceptions Centre gave us Edie’s details if I was interested in acupuncture. I contacted Edie via email and straight away she was wonderful. She answered all of the questions (on more than one occasion!) and booked me in for an initial appointment upon our arrival in Hawaii. Once I met Edie she was amazing. It was hard to not be excited about the prospect of a donor egg working, but we also didn’t want to get our hopes up. Edie made me feel relaxed and comfortable and was so knowledgeable and had so much experience in the area, she could help with any of my concerns and just made me feel so serene about the whole procedure. She really made my stay in Hawaii a wonderful experience. I can’t imagine how it would have been any more relaxing, joyful and therapeutic than it was with her right there for me the whole time we were in Hawaii. Now we are expecting twins! We are 4 months pregnant and can’t wait to see what our new life brings us. Edie is still interested in how it is all going and we both feel so grateful for all her help in our journey to this point. - M & M

The Light…

September 2014. C5ED068F-254D-4E05-BD53-2A2D13F5C465Infertility can be a complicated struggle and can stand in the way of your hopes and dreams of starting a family. I have had PCOS for years, pretty much right after high school. My periods were irregular and my hormones were a crazy mess all over the place. I met my husband 11 years ago and we have been married for 7 years. We were trying to have a baby for 6 1/2 years before I finally got pregnant and let me tell you it wasn't easy. Countless tears, money, frustration, sadness with no light at the end in sight, and to be honest I was really feeling like there would be no light at the end for me. There were so many times I told my husband lets just give up. He always told me let's keep going, we're almost there. He is the reason we are where we are today. The first doctor I ever saw for infertility was not really an infertility doctor. She was a OBGYN doctor and never did any ultrasounds on me. They give you medicine to induce a period and you count days after that and take another medicine and do the deed and hopefully at the end of the month if you haven't had a period, perform a pregnancy test to check for pregnancy. I tried this for a few cycles and nothing worked, of course it wouldn't. She gives the same protocol to every patient and not everyone is the same and will react the same to those medications, and to top it off there's no ultrasound being done so how do you know what's going on inside? I do a lot of reading and research at home. I read a lot in books and online. I read that acupuncture can help with infertility and balance your hormones. A light bulb went on in my head. Maybe this is it, maybe this is the answer for me. I didn't see Edie right away though, at the time I didn't know of Edie and her magic wonders. I saw another lady for a while and it seemed to help me or so I thought it was helping me. She never gave me raw herbs, it was always droppers of liquid or capsules I take everyday. With almost a year of nothing, my menstrual cycles came back but with no pregnancy achieved I knew I had to seek something bigger. I started looking in the phone book yellow pages when I found a nice ad for Edie. I looked at her site online and read other peoples experiences and I felt extremely hopeful, probably the most hopeful I have ever felt in my journey. I had been seeing my Reproductive Specialist Doctor about half a year before starting to go to Edie too. I finally felt things were moving along in a positive direction after combining Edie's wondrous magic with the different protocols of my Specialist. I felt close to the light but it was just out of reach, but that was the closest I have ever felt and it felt refreshing. I saw my Specialist for a year and while yes, I was ovulating and being closely monitored weekly with ultrasound, that light was still just out of my grasp. With the help of Edie she worked closely on my uterine lining and keeping my hormones balanced. I remember a cycle where my lining wasn't that great at 2mm. With Edie's help in a span of a few days she got my lining to 12mm. Outstanding, just incredible to have that kind of reaction from acupuncture and raw herbs. The time had come and I feared it, my Specialist said those words I wasn't ready to hear and didn't think I would ever hear. It was time I think about and schedule an IVF consultation with her. A lot rides on IVF if you don't know, finances, emotions, what if's, it's quite a lot to think about and let alone go through physically and mentally. I stopped seeing Edie for a little while to try and recover from that financially too. Acupuncture and seeing a Specialist and fertility medicines and injections can be very costly, so I took a few months off and away from everything to just gather my thoughts and let my body rest. I started seeing Edie about a month before we started our IVF cycle even though she recommends a few months before. When I started the ultrasounds during my cycle it was a bit slow moving but you could see good things. My follicles were growing slow but there was a nice amount and my uterine lining was not quite there but getting there. I remember Edie wanting to focus on my lining. Toward the end my lining was 6mm and 8mm is good for IVF. Edie wasn't quite happy with that and worked pretty aggressively getting it thicker. By the time I had my egg retrieval Edie got my lining to 12mm and 5 days later when I had my embryo transfer my lining was just above 13mm, perfect perfect lining and great sticky environment for my 2 embryos to snuggle in and get comfy for the next 9 months. I saw Edie the day of my transfer for a boost of her wondrous magic and was on bed rest the rest of that week. I remember crying to my husband a few days after the transfer telling him I didn't think it worked and what if it didn't work, then what do we do? I have 2 more 6-day blastocysts that we froze so do we try again? What do we do? That was 3 days after my transfer that I cried to my husband. The next day I went to the store and thought I'd just get a pregnancy test and do it at home and if it's negative I won't be too disappointed when I draw blood in a few days for the pregnancy test at the clinic. I went home and did the test and left it on the counter and thought I'd walk away and come back to it in a couple minutes. As I was walking out of the bathroom I glanced over at the test on the counter not even a minute later and I saw it, a second line on the test. I have never seen that before and never thought I would so I just stared at it and cried. Could it be? Can this really be happening? Is this real? Should I pinch myself? I called my husband at work and he couldn't contain himself. I could hear him smiling ear to ear on the phone and the excitement in his voice. I took a test the next day and it was darker than the day before, and each day the test just kept getting darker and darker. I got a call from the clinic in the afternoon after taking the test that morning, I was so nervous. The first thing the nurse says when I answer the phone is "Congratulations you're pregnant!!!." The sweetest words I've heard in my life and waited my whole life to hear. My result was 99 that day and anything over 50 is what they want to see. Two days later my result was 240 which is excellent. Your number is supposed to double every 48 hours and my number was a little more than doubling. I transferred 2 embryos and usually with twin pregnancies your numbers will triple or more. So I had a feeling that just one of the embryos stayed and the other one didn't. A couple weeks later my number was still doubling like it should. A week after that at my first ultrasound at 8 weeks pregnant my doctor started the ultrasound and I could see my husbands jaw literally fall to the floor as my doctor was counting sacs. "Counting sacs?" I thought why would you be counting sacs with just one baby? That day she counted a total of 3 sacs, 2 with heartbeats and the last one didn't have one. We FINALLY reached that light and I grabbed it tight and it felt so good. We were pregnant with twins, possibly triplets, and I couldn't believe it. My husband didn't say a word leaving the office, walking to the car, or driving off. The look on his face was pure happiness and total, pure shock at the same time. It took him almost an hour before he finally said something and his first words with huge eyes were "OH MY GOD! What are we gonna do?" Maybe a couple hours later he was fine and it was my turn. I was in shock and asked him the same question. Our 10 week ultrasound showed we were definitely having twins and we were filled head to toe in happiness. I'm now about 25 weeks pregnant with boy girl twins and doing well with Edie's wondrous magic still. Feeling these babies kick me and move around as I write this has to be the greatest reward and most unreal and greatest feeling I have ever felt in my life that I never thought I'd ever get to experience. Getting to experience pregnancy and all it's wonders is something I'll never forget. Thank You Edie for your wondrous magic because without you there wouldn't be 2 more. I also thank God continuously everyday, not just for our twins, but for finally reaching the light I always dreamed of.

Twin Girls!

March 2015. IMG_0221After 3 pregnancy losses by 6, 7 and 10 weeks trying naturally (genetic problems were found) and a few unsuccessful attempts at IVF, we decided to go down the donor egg path. This is not easy in Australia so we looked for options overseas. We found a wonderful donor agency and IVF clinic in Hawaii and arranged everything by email and phone. Acupuncture for fertility and during pregnancy has always been important to me so I wanted it to also be a part of my donor pregnancy. Our donor coordinator highly recommended Edie and she was so easy to coordinate with by email. She arranged a treatment schedule for me that fitted around the IVF clinic's schedule and our sightseeing whilst in Honolulu! The acupuncture treatments, Edie's warm personality and her friendly reception staff all kept me sane and calm whilst being out of my comfort zone in another country undergoing a very regimented clinical IVF process. I had treatments leading up to the embryo transfer, immediately after and before flying home. I followed everything Edie recommended about maximising the chances of implantation. I was ecstatic to have a positive blood test a few weeks later and then discovered double happiness at our 7 week scan - our single fresh embryo transfer had split into identical twin girls!! I continued to have acupuncture in Sydney throughout the pregnancy and at age 44 I've made it to 36 weeks with no complications. Our girls are growing well inutero and will be delivered by 37 weeks unless they have plans to meet us earlier. Edie is passionate about her work and the patients she cares for. You know you're in safe hands! Thank you Edie for being a part of our special journey. - KW, Sydney, Australia

A Dream Come True.

February, 2017.

After five failed IUI's and one failed IVF, I felt helpless and in despair about not being able to get pregnant after my husband and I were trying for about a year. I felt much sadness about the reality of possibly not having another baby, especially since I was 41 years old and the clock was quickly ticking. 

My husband and I had gotten pregnant naturally with our son and it was difficult for me to wrap my mind around the idea that we could not get pregnant, again.  With strong encouragement and recommendation from a friend who also used acupuncture with her IVF treatment, I decided to seek the help of acupuncture.  I found Edie after doing some research online and decided to go with her because I felt that she had the expertise in helping my husband and I achieve success in our attempt to have another baby.  During my first visit with Edie, she was able to instill hope and encouragement that we could get pregnant once again.  She was able to diagnose what Western medicine could not tell me about what was happening with my body and the reason why we were not able to get pregnant. 

After seeing Edie for seven months, our dreams of expanding our family came true.  I truly believe that Edie's recommendation to use Chinese herbs and her intensive guidance and treatment helped us achieve success with IVF.  We are so elated and over the moon that we now have a daughter, thanks to Edie's help.  Edie's compassionate, caring and loving and  I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help with overcoming infertility.  She helps make dreams come true.

 - Rose J., Honolulu 

Finally Pregnant.

August, 2017.  

After many years of trying to conceive we started IVF treatment in Australia.  Two clinics, 4 fertility doctors, countless specialty doctors and more needles and drugs than you can count, we still hadn't had any success.  At 43 years old we decided after 10 rounds of unsuccessful IVF we would try treatment overseas.  I had been having regular acupuncture in Australia and wanted to continue to have an expert in this field onboard whilst doing treatment in the US.  Edie was instrumental in providing acupuncture treatment, informed advice as well as emotional support.  Her kind way helped me stay calm through the unknown.  My husband and I are so happy to report after such a long journey and so many failures we are finally pregnant (with twins!!) and can't wait to start the next phase of our lives as a family.

X Jo, Australia